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    Projector file size

      Hello all,

      I have a project that consists of 18 .dir files and about 689 files, each of which are separated into 17 different folders. My .dir's externally link to these files. The total size of the files are 643 MB. My projector (.exe), is only 4.10 MB and that includes the 2 Xtras (Buddy api and Mpeg advance Xtra) I am using. I have a setup program that I use to package everything. Then I burn to CD and have the user install the program, and all of the files to their harddrive. My question is, is 4.10 MB small enough? When this program was originally built, all the files were internal, so the .exe was over 500MB. Since then, I've moved all my images and media externally. I guess what I'm asking is will a computer give my 4 MB program any problems? Or will the external files cause the problems?

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          Well, the best way to find out is to try it and see. That said, I have
          generally had better luck when doing these huge projects when I make as
          much as possible external. So, your new method would be my advised way
          of going about it. There are a few things that you need to worry about
          with external files, mostly you need to make sure that they are fully
          loaded before they need to be viewed.

          Any 3d members or Flash members can be checked by looking at the
          member's .state property. If it is fully loaded, that will tell you.
          You can use preload() to make sure that some of the more important
          things get loaded as soon as possible.

          Apart from that, if you did everything correctly, it should work out
          fine. Having a smaller exe is way better when it comes to load time.
          It will load up much faster if it is smaller.

          Give it a shot, it may make a tremendous difference, or it may be
          negligible, depending on how you set things up.