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    Publishing RH9 to XML Output?


      Can the XML Output get published to CQ5? We're trying to house our online help files on CQ5 and we'd like to use WebHelp but we're hitting some roadblocks with the HTML files. I think CQ5 supports XML and I haven't found any posts anywhere explaining how to publish this type of RH output. When I generate XML Help, the output is a bunch of code. How does this type of output work? Do I hand over files to our developer like with WebHelp or is their coding that needs to be done on our part? I haven't found much info on XML. Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.

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          RoboColum(n) Level 5

          As far as I am aware you just need to distribute the entire contents of your output folder - like WebHelp. Things to check are that:

          • The XML output launches successfully outside of CQ5 - i.e. if launched locally from the Windows directory. You should be able to just double click the projectname.xml file.
          • All the output files have been added to CQ5. There is a projectname.log file in the output's root directory that lists all the output files.

          Something else that may be causing an issue is the javascript files that form part of the output. Could there be some sort of security issue at play here? All of this is speculation as I am not a CQ5 or XML Output user.