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      I am running Indesign CC 9.2.2 on iMac OSX 10.8.5


      I have been working on a catalog with a client and nearing approval stage. I have been exporting to pdf and sending to the client over several proofs. Imagine my surprise when I did a print to booklet to postscript, created the pdf and on one spread a photo is missing, just a white box outline of where it should be. The other pdf's that I have created for proofs, by doing a export from Indesign, all the photos show as they should. It's left me scratching my head! Has anyone else had this problem?


      I have verified links, replaced the photo in the Indesign file, but it does not seem to matter. The photo is on the top layer of the file, and front of the layer. I use the print to booklet at least once a week on different projects and have never run into this before. Any help is appreciated.  Underdog