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    Incorrect text size in Adobe Photoshop CS5 for Mac?


      Hey all,


      I am posting this for an older gentleman who is a photographer and uses Photoshop on his Mac. His iMac runs OSX 10.9.3 and he uses version 12.0.4 X64 of Photoshop CS5. I noticed when I was to his place the other day giving him tutoring sessions that his Photoshop has issue with displaying text sizes incorrectly...


      For example, we took one of his scanned image files of a slide and changed it's resolution lower so he could send it to a journalist for an article. He wanted to add his name, a date, and a copyright symbol down in the corner of the image....fine. However, the text is showing up as what LOOKS like 12-point, but we have it set to 0.3!!!! It's VERY frustrating! I read many people had issues with this and fixed it by updating, but his Adobe Updater program says there are no newer versions of Photoshop available for him to update to...? Can anybody tell me how to fix this issue for him or point me in the right direction? Any help or suggestions would be appreciated!!!


      Cheers and thanks!