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    How to set frame width on export?


      Just installed Premiere Elements 12.  I'm trying to export a project to mpeg at a particular frame width.  However, in the advanced options it's not possible to change the frame width or height (just 720 x 480 with no option to change this).  Any ideas?


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          JH80 Level 1

          Never mind!  I was working from the wrong preset.  I selected HD 720p 25 and we're off to the races!


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            A.T. Romano Level 7



            Are you sure you are OK with your solution to your problems. Lots of questions that I could ask, but, for now, I will point out some information that you might use now or in the future.


            Please refer to the screenshot below displaying the Premiere Elements 12 Publish+Share/Computer/MPEG area that you were in. There are a few places in the Export Settings customization area that can prevent you from typing in a Frame Width and or Frame Height.


            a. Look to the right of the fields where it  says Frame Width and Frame Height. There is a small box there. If it has a chain icon inside the box, you might have to click on that icon to remove the chain link so that you can type in the Frame Width and Frame Height that you want.


            b. Look further down the list of export options to where it shows Profile and Level. Those settings may need changing before you can type in your wanted Frame Width and Height.




            There are other options there besides Frame Width and Frame Height that are important to your export.

            If you have any questions about changing any of the default settings under the Advanced Button of the preset,

            please do not hesitate to ask.


            Thank you.