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    path / adjustment path  - no pixels selected...

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      I made a few paths under the 'Paths' tab. One of the 4 worked...the others are outlines icons - - no white. So I get the error message 'no pixels selected' when I attempt to activate the clipping path, even with the layer that's got the img selected under Layers.


      Somehow I must've hit a command accidentally to make the other 3 paths empty. But how do I fill them with white in the Paths panel so that I can use them to make specific selections?

      Please provide step-by-step instruction as to how I can get those to work.



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          Paths don't require fills. That's what the respective functions at the bottom of the paths palette are for. The rest is unclear. You wrote a lot, but in a vague and confusing manner without ever even caring to actually mention any technical details like document settings, how you create the paths and so on.



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            A working path under the paths panel should be filled in white so that it will function as a selection marquee that I can activate & make live when I hit CMD + click on it.

            Because the icon of my path img is empty, it tells me no pixels selected. The vector path is there... I need to convert it to a selection marquee (marching ants). What do I need to do to fix it so it goes "white", so I won't get the error message?


            BTW, "without even caring" is a snarky remark. I thought I was perfectly clear when I mentioned that I am trying to make the paths into selections, and that they are currently empty.