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    Render Issue + After Render.


      It is actually multiple problems I am currently face, so I would appreciate any solutions. Please take into account that I am still a beginner using after effects CS6.


      Render Issue:


      My first problem was when rendering a video ,which is a 3 minute:15 second kinetic typograhy lyric video, the render time took around 20 hours. I used the settings used for the youtube which uses the .h264 (if am not mistake) codec. and set the resolution to 1080p and everything to best. I wonder if I lowered it to 720p for good quality will it lower down the render time?



      After Render Issue:



      My second problem is after rendering for 20 hours, the video turned out to be a bit rubbish. My whole project from background to texts are all set to 3D. So, some texts have the Y rotation on or the X rotation. My problem is I set some of the to 90* each and they show throughout the video till its supposed time to appear then disappear.For example, if I set the word "hair" to appear at this certain minute ( ie: 2nd min: 15th sec: 20th frame ) the word will stay faced down 90* parallel to the x-axis and then when the time (mentioned beforehand) starts it flips to a readable state and then after some timed disappears.Of course I dont want that to happen.So I am wondering what am doing wrong.


      My last paragraph aka wall of text:


      I would like some sites to help me in the kinetic typography kind of videos. Some people mentioned Videocopilot and I am a firm believe of trail and error. I still have a year to attend college, and I planning to either be a designer or an IT guy. Anyway, for now any suggestions?



      Sorry for the long paragraphs.It just really took about a month and its annoying as hell.Appreciate any response.

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          You wrote a lot but said very little. Long render times can have all sorts of causes as can your layers disappearing. The latter probably simply comes down that you need to extend the layer or delete some keyframe you may have accidentally put in there. Either way, you have to provide more info or screenshots. No point talking about an invisible elephant in the room.



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            DigiShredd Level 1

            as for the problem after the render, here is a screenshot. this is the beginning of the video and its there. All those are 3D layers and they stay shown there before their time. The problem is the layers dont dissappear they stay showing on the screen before the time its supposed to appear. It only appeared when I rendered it.Capture.JPG

            The render settings I will just lower the graphic so its okay.

            Sorry my first time on the forums. My bad and apologies

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              Szalam Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              If you haven't adjusted your layers in and out points, they will be visible at 90 degrees rotation because they're not pointing directly at the camera.

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                Dave LaRonde Level 6

                Szalam's right about trimming layer in & out points, and here's something else:  don't be afraid to make those layers' beginning rotatations something OTHER than 90-degrees from full-forward.  Make those layers look as close to a thin, narrow line as you can.  Then, when you trim the in points to the spot where the animated rotation begins, it'll look just they've appeared out of nowhere.  The same thing applies to rotating them out of the picture... just in reverse order.


                As for slow renders, let me guess:  you're on a laptop.  If you have less than 8 gigs of memory, turn off the multiprocessing: it isn't doing you a bit of good.  Turn off any kind of hardware acceleration, too: it's just as useless.  And DO NOT render to h.264.  Render to something lossless, like quicktimes in PNG or Animation codecs... or a lossless AVI if you want.  Then use Adobe Media Encoder to make the h.264.