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    How to control wrapper DIV


      Edge inserts divs in flow-wrapper and center-wrapper to wrap the animation stage.


      I am working on a page with different layers.

      For example


      <div id="animation1" class="EDGE-224465298"> </div>

      <div id="animation2" class="animation2">.... </div>


      where animation1 with z-index 1 and animation2 with z-index 2.

      When edge insert wrap div, animation1 is removed, it cause z order problem.


      Is there a way to control this?

      For example, if I change animation1 to

      <div id="animation1" class="EDGE-224465298">

      <div class='flow-wrapper' style='width:1px'><div class='center-wrapper'>......</div></div>


      Will this work?

      What is rule on insert wrap divs?