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    Creating TOC with style in Master




      I'm trying to create a Table of Contents in my InDesign Book. The header style I want to use is part of the Master created for each chapter. To test to make sure things are running smooth, I notice that when I use a style that is not part of the master, things work well. I maybe missing a step here. The styles are fully synchronized in the book. Need help quickly as I am finishing this project for a book to be self published immediately. If you need to see the book, let me know and I will upload a zip for you to see. Thank you.

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          Salah Fadlabi Level 5

          Try to override all master page items from page panel before apply TOC, it may help.

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            Willi Adelberger Most Valuable Participant

            Master Page Items cannot be included into a cross reference nor into a toc.

            This makes no sense, because a target must be unique. But a master can be oused on several pages.

            I would strongly recommend NOT to override anything of the master on the page because InDesign divides in content on page and and artifacts on master.

            You should also use less master pages, use variables. Set your headline for the toc on the page, make a text variable which is referencing to that headline and it will be acruate on each page.

            If you don't want to have this headline visible, make a paragraph style without color. During work you can make this style visible and change its color to none at the end.