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    Setting up FAQ questions and answers

    zyxi Level 1
      I want to show all the questions and when someone clicks on a question show that answer, moving the questions below it down to make room. I'd like the previous answer to disappear (and the other questions move up to fill the space) when a different question is clicked.

      I'm using Flash 8 and will soon move to 9. I'm pretty new to Flash and Actionscript.
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          dr_ross Level 1
          well you'd need a basic knowledge of flash to get to grips with it, start with a few simple tutorials if you can.
          Then break down the steps, so you'd want to trigger a function once the user has completed a question.
          This function will then start the functionality to modify the _y property of the next question over time until its in the correct position. Rinse and repeat.

          Once you've got the knack of instance names to be able to target objects with your code, then learn about where to put your code (base timeline preferably), calling and declaring functions, then applying a transition to move then next question to the target _y position.

          If you need help with the code just update the thread.
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            zyxi Level 1
            Yes, I need (lots of) help with the code. I'm taking a class in Flash and I can copy code from the text book's projects--and I've looked up tutorials for some things on the Internet and been able to use them--but I don't know how to write code.

            I tried looking for a tutorial on setting up a FAQ and couldn't find anything, maybe because I didn't know the right search phrase to use.
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              I solved to use Flash + XML to build a FAQ section yesterday, with proper stylesheet applied and fully automatic "line jumping". Enjoy!