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    trapcode snow + camera problem

    kacper cias

      hi, I need to apply effect of snow blowing toward the camera in AE CC and trapcode let me do everything i want except the depth of field. whenever i create or turn on a camera, which i guess is needed for DoF, snow disapears from camera view (but still there in top, front, etc). no metter if DoF option of snow is set to camera or off. Z position is correct, no lights in the scene. i tried default settings with a simple new>camera and new>black solid, with a snow preset. I'm pretty sure i've also tweaked every trapcode and cameras option but always the same result - when camera layer is visible, snow effect disappeares from any camera preview, black screen. really tired of wasting time so hoping for You to know better.

      i know this is possible and im doing something wrong but if u know some trick to fake blur particles close to the camera, shoot