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    Using spark components in a .fla


      I'm trying to use Spark components in a Flash Professional CC project. I've added AIR 14 to Flash CC:

      flash properties.png


      and I've adjust my preferences to use Apache Flex SDK and pointed it to paths of Flex additional libraries:


      Flash preferences.png


      Now, I can add spark components to my project:


      import spark.components.Button;


      var btn:Button = new Button();
      btn.label = "Test";
      btn.x = 300;
      btn.y = 300;


      but when I run it, it doesn't show them. What it's wrong?



      PD: Sorry about my poor English

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          Amy Blankenship Level 4

          I know spark wasn't intended to be used with plain Flash, but I'm not going to tell you it's impossible to do it--I just don't know. I think there's probably a lot more setup to do than what you did (Flex does a lot of things under the hood they don't think you need to know about, so they don't tell you about). As a start, is your import statement pointing to the spark buttons or the fl,controls ones?

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