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    Scratch disk setup

    choobysnacks Level 1

      Hello Everyone,


      I recently just set up my mac pro workstation. I had a cheap SSD (OCZ vertex 3 120GB) laying around and i thought i would utilize it as a scratch disk until i buy something better. Getting into the more technical aspect of the drive, does having trim enabled or disabled matter to the file being stored on that drive? Would it impair the performance of after effects or premiere if trim was enabled or disabled? or is trim completely irrelevant for this case?


      I understand that the drive is cheap and a bit small, but for now I'm hoping i can get by with slightly better performance while having the media off the same drive as the boot drive.


      Workstation setup:

      1TB HD for archiving

      512GB Apple SSD for OS?Applications

      120GB OCZ SSD for scratch



      Thanks in advance!

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          JFPhoton Level 3

          ....you seem to be missing a drive.....if the 1TB drive is for "archiving"......where is your MEDIA drive ??....your MAIN drive that would contain all your footage,photos, project files,etc.


          not sure about apple...but, trim is automatic with Windows, ( as long as SSDs are NOT in a RAID). Trim HELPS....do not disable it. Although your OCZ SSD is small and may have a slower write speed.....it will probably HELP in terms of using it for : previews, cache files, media cache files, AND exports to it.


          Be aware that for VIDEO use.....the best SSDs to use have Marvell controllers....(NOT Sandforce).....which handle "incompressible data" much better, have higher write speeds, and keep higher performance after reaching "steady state". These SSDs would be Samsung PRO series, (NOT EVO), and Crucial M550 series.


          Go to "tweakers page" at the PPBM7 website to learn more about the proper setup of an editing machine. Your post seems to indicate a misunderstanding of how to most efficiently to create the proper drive setup for PPro.  Firstly......although it will work....I am guessing your "media" is on your "Apple SSD".....along with the OS and programs. This is not advisable. You would be better served to have ONLY the OS, programs, and "page file", ( if Apple has one....not sure), on your "C" drive. Then, your "D" drive should be your MEDIA drive....holding all video footage, photos and all else EXCEPT what you are going to put on your "E" drive, ( which is the OCZ for cache,previews,etc.). The speed of your "D" drive is important.....as you already have 2 other SSDs in the machine.....probably running at SATA III speeds....I would just buy another quality SSD for use as the "D" drive. Hopefully, your 1TB "archive" HDD is 7200 rpm....if NOT...get rid of it....5400 rpm drives are TOO slow and NOT recommended.