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    Using layer masks for enhancing photos.


      Here is what I am doing.


      Selecting a photo, opening it in photoshop.  Make a duplicate copy (Ctrl J)  I now choose screen in the layer section.  The photo is now very bright.  Then I go to the layer mask icon (third one from the left) and choose it using alt click.  It creates a mask on the copy of the photo.  I choose a brush to use on the photo and nothing happens at all.  I can scribble all over the photo and nothing happens. I looked up all the possible answers in the community but cannot find one particular to my problem..  All the tutorials make it look so easy.  I can't figure what it wrong?  I have restarted Photoshop for the photos but that does not help.  I am very frustrated about this.  It is a fundamental part of Photoshop CC.


      Any help would be appreciated.




      Paul Bardotz