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    Still battling Premier Element installation.


      I have a download from March--will not install.

      I have a download from June--will not install.

      I have the CD--will not install.

      I keep getting a message to uninstall and reinstall, error message:1

      Quicktime no longer works.

      I downloaded the Adobe Download assistant and foolishly choose to not install at that time and now it is sitting on my desktop with absolutely no menu to use it


      What ticks me off is I had it installed and registered and working.  When I opened PSE 12 yesterday it said I needed to register it, even though I had.already done so.  It was a nuisance but within a few minutes I was back editing photos.  I thought that since that was so easy I might as well do Premier elements, too. It would not open, even though it had before.  I have been on a downward slide since.  My feeling is this: you put the disk in, click a coupla times and it works!  I have downloaded more crap from Adobe (Air, twice; Quicktime, twice; Application manger, twice: download assistant, even Creative cloud)  in the fruitless pursuit to install  something that really could be semi-easy but is not for reasons unknown.  I've "installed" PRE STI64 installer- twice;  It just sits there with Download Assitant like two lumps of clay. There is no menu to allow me to use it. It was the only .exe file I could find in the PRE12 folder.


      I must stress I love PSE 12, I am not a critic of the software, I have no axe to grind; in short, I am an ally, But this business with  Premier Elements is driving me to distraction.  I have spent hours, many hours of frustration with this project.


      One more thing, I cannot find a means by which to edit my user name and remove my email address from it.


      I wish to thank those of you who have so kindly and quickly responded to my call for help.



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          John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          >cannot find a means by which to edit my user name


          I have NOT tried to actually change my screen name... but...

          Click your avatar picture to the left of the pencil at the upper right

          Select Edit Communities Profile

          Select Your Profile

          Highlight/change your screen name and click save

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            A.T. Romano Level 7



            As I noted in the original thread of which this appears to be a duplicate in content, duplicate threads tend to be confusing to the person with the issue as well as the people trying to help. Each thread is seen by all. The original appears to be at

            Premiere Elements will not install!


            The thread that we are in now seems to give more background information to your situation than the original, but it is best continued in the original thread (linked just cited).


            A moderator may see this duplication and close the thread that we are in now to encourage continuation of the issue in the original thread.


            It is late were I am so I will think about your issue some more in the morning and respond in whichever of your threads is open.



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              octopodian@yahoo.com Level 1

              It's not really a correct answer but I am tired of trying to install PRE 12 and want to close the thread.  I'll use Lightworks instead.  Thanks for your help.

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                A.T. Romano Level 7



                I do not work for Adobe nor am I affiliated with in it in any way. I have no promotional interests in Adobe, only the interests of a fellow Premiere Elements user. So, please keep that in mind in what I am about to write.


                I think we got off on the wrong foot with this thread issue. All the chat about duplicate threads did not help matters. As you can see, there was no troubleshooting of issue ever started for your issue. And, it looks like your thread (duplicate or not) got lost in the daily traffic here. I apologize for the latter since I try to make sure that no thread is left unanswered with a viable answer. I do that because I want to, not because I am told to do that. (It does not take me from June 14th to June 21st to think about an issue as reflected in the lapse of time since my last post in the thread that we are in now until now.)


                If you have decided to close this thread and pursue other avenues for your video editing, we wish you the best.


                If you want to get into some real troubleshooting, then please let me know. The following is a preview of my initial troubleshooting strategy based on what you wrote.

                1. What computer operating system is your Premiere Elements 12 to work on?

                2. The fact that QuickTime, as a standalone software, is no longer working in your computer environment implies that Premiere Elements 12 is probably not the core of the issue.

                3. I would like you to contact Adobe via its Adobe Chat to sort through the topic "Downloading, Installing, and Setting Up". Two reasons...it can offer you remote control of your computer for troubleshooting and it may have undocumented information that impacts your specific situation. To do that, click on the following link, and, when it opens, click on "Still need help? Contact us." to open Adobe Chat. I set the following link to open to that web page with the "Still need help? Contact us." spot to click on. Not sure the link will hold the set. Hope so. If not, you may have some navigating to do.

                Contact Customer Care


                In the process you should finally arrive at what looks like the following

                AdobeChat 2.JPG

                Under Contact options, Recommended, click on the Chat choice. This appears to be a new Adobe format for Adobe Chat



                Please let us know the outcome if you do pursue this troubleshooting opportunity. If you opt not to, you need not reply to

                this thread and can just consider your participation in the thread closed as of your post 4.


                Best wishes



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                  octopodian@yahoo.com Level 1

                  Dear ATR


                  Thank you for the considerate letter.  I, too, have waited too long to respond.  Please forgive me.  My frustrations with PRE 12 have been noted and I can't help but think that my machine may be at the heart of the problem.  I will, however, do as you suggest soon.  If that doen't work then I believe everyone has done all they can to help and I will just have to wait until I get a new computer.


                  Again, thanks for your support


                  David Beglinger

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                    A.T. Romano Level 7

                    David Beglinger


                    Thanks for the follow up.


                    Hoping to hear good news on your video editing moving forward.


                    When and if needed, I will be glad for the opportunity to be of assistance in this regard.