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    Question about copy and pasting from NotePad and Word to InDesign


      I have a question about updating Word documents for novels that are being transferred into InDesign. I tried to update the latest edition of my novel to my self-publishing company and ran into all kinds of problems when they tried to transfer the word file into InDesign.


      They informed me that they had errors transferring the file into InDesign with the file I had created and they asked if I could copy and past my edited version into the version they created for the 1st Edition. I did a straight copy and paste from an RTF file document into their word document. I made sure to go through each chapter separately thinking that this would be okay. They still had the same problems even with this method.


      They said that there were problems with cutting and pasting from one version of Word to another version of Word and then into InDesign. I am being told that I will need to take their original 1st edition copy and manually place all of my edits in.


      Is there a way to take large chunks of my book and paste them into Notepad text file, then copy from the notepad file into 1st edition Word copy, and then make the minor formatting changes that get lost in Word so that InDesign won't have a problem? Does InDesign have less problems with copy and past of plain text from Notepad? Thanks.