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    Membership of Creative Cloud

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      I hope you will read this through and respond to my questions point by point – thanks in advance




      I am a member of Creative Cloud. My membership started on 22 May. July 2013 and ending on 22 September. July 2014 and the monthly membership fee is DKK Danish krone 183,27 including VAT.




      It says on my invoice, that membership will be renewed automatically and I have a few questions for:




      Question 1.


      Will the quota be the same as I pay now (DKK 183,27 including VAT) for 2014/2015? Will It also apply to 2015-2016-2017 onwards?




      Question 2


      Must prepare a new contract with Adobe for 2014/2015?




      Question 3




      If I may cancel my subscription after a year – what will it cost me to get a new membership for Creative Cloud per month.




      Question 4.


      If I want to sign me out as a member of the Creative Cloud – at which point do I need to do it and how to do it so it will be done properly




      Question 5


      Can I install the Adobe Creative Suite Master Collection 6 again, if I cancel my membership by Creative Cloud? Will It give me problems? I am aware that it is not being updated more with new application changes (if it is true that one hears),




      I have used Microsoft to translate my letter to you.