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    Version Control with RoboHelp X5

      I work with a multi-author group creating online. We tried putting our project in RoboSource Control and were very unhappy with it. It is now my job to find a new version control software in which to input the project. I am NOT an IT person or a software engineer. I have been investigating Visual SourceSafe, WinCVS, and SVN. From reviews I've read it seems like all of them are user unfriendly and frought with problems.

      I would like to hear your feedback on which version control package works for you. We have a Windows based server, but can get a linux one if needed. The clients are all Windows.

      Thank you,
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          CraigCC Level 2
          We use Visual Source Safe, I have no experience with the other software you mentioned.
          Whatever software you use, make sure you take a very disciplined approach and run some test before working with the real thing.

          I'd recommend setting up a dummy project and working with the other authors experimenting with the procedures that work best for your working practices. Put together some rules and dos and don'ts. We have one main project controller who can update the index, add or delete files from the project, add conditional tags and all those features which update the core project files. Other authors can work with a copy of the latest project and check out and then update topics, adding topic content and images. Having one controller makes life a lot easier if things go wrong.

          Yes, VSS is pretty unfriendly, and there is an overhead keeping control of the RH files using the software. But it works for us and helps me sleep better at night knowing I can back track if things go wrong..

          Kind Regards
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            DawnLawien Level 1
            Thank you Craig for the consideration of your reply. For right now we have decided to test out CVS to see if that will meet our needs.