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    Premiere Elements Video Not Playing


      I have a bit of a problem... [moving to correct forum - JTS]


      I imported my video clips in to Premiere Elements.  It said something like "conforming..." as it always does, but the bar got stuck half way and I closed the program and reopened it.


      I then started working on the video clip and when I wanted to cut the clip it said something like loading scenes or frames or something.


      It took about an hour for this to finish, just for it to start all over again an then get stuck.


      I closed the program again and restarted my computer.


      Now, when I play a clip, the sound plays but the video is frozen.


      This is not, or has nothing to do with:


      *  The type of video files - I have edited 100's of videos from the same GoPro, in the same format, on the same computer, in the same program.

      *  My screen card - my screen card works perfectly - 2GB dedicated screen card, and as I said, it worked before.

      *  The RAM - I have about 8GB RAM and no other program is running.


      What could the problem be?  How do I solve this?