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    Entering newlines in edit_fields and custom metadata tagsets

    johnrellis Most Valuable Participant

      I finally discovered how to allow the user to enter newlines directly into edit_fields without having to type CTRL+J:


      f:edit_field {height_in_lines = 5, allow_newlines = true}


      Similarly, in custom metadata tagsets, you can duplicate the functionality of the "Large Caption" preset:


      {'com.adobe.caption', height_in_lines = 15, allow_newlines = true,
               topLabel = true}


      This undocumented feature hasn't been posted in these forums (according to Google), but after the fact I see that a number of others discovered this years ago, at least with respect to metadata tagsets:



      Customising Adobe Lightroom metadata field names | Malc Raggett's Photo Blog

      Happy Amateur: Lightroom 5 Metadata Tag Set