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    Indesign 9.1 won't start after 9.2 patch failed

    tswoolfinOH Level 1

      I am running a Windows 7 system with CC and CS6 aps.


      I tried installing the latest June 2014 update. It apparently applied correctly to ID CC6 but failed on ID CC. I reapplied it (2nd failure) and tried to start ID CC(64bit) but something broke and now startup gets to "Calling Late initializers" and Windows shuts it down with an "Adobe InDesign has stopped working" message.


      Indesign (32bit) starts OK. Other CC aps start OK.


      I have tried everything I could think of to clear this:

      Delete preferences and restart
      Sign in/out of CC
      Uninstall/reinstall (multiple times over a slow DSL connection. <sigh>)
      Verify ID CC(64bit) fails in W7 safe mode (It does)

      Restore to an earlier point via W7 restore.

      As this is an install on a second machine I compared the files in C:\Users{user}\AppData\Roaming\Adobe\Adobe InDesign\9.1 in the good install with the bad install and moved/renamed everything that was different.

      I tried running the CC cleaner tool. If I uninstall InDesign CC it is not in the list of programs in the CC cleaner tool. If I don't uninstall it then CC cleaner wants to clear the uninstall files. I don't think that's what I want to do.


      Nothing has helped.


      I do have a current system partition image backup I can restore from but I would prefer to not do anything that drastic if it can be avoided.


      (I am aware this is probably two separate problems: 1) 9.2 won't apply to ID CC and 9.1 (64bit) won't start. Right now I just want to get 9.1 to start..)

      (This was also posted in the InDesign forum assuming folks there would be more familiar with InDesign installs but it was suggested I post here. I apologize for the duplication.)


      Thanks for any help