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    relative url, HTTPService

      New to Flex and have very little experience withthe underlying flash tech.

      Is there a way to have an embedded Flex 2 swf use urls relative to itself in the HTTPService calls even if it is embedded in an web page?

      For example, if the swf is in /www/swf and the called HTTPService in /www/swf/service the relative url of "./service/request.php" works fine if the swf is directly accessed. However if that same swf is embedded in a page in a different directory ( /www for example) then the swf attempts to call the HTTPService as /www/service/request.php (relative to the hosting web page).

      I want it to always call realtive to itself regardless of where it is embedded.

      I've tried using the baseURL parameters to no avail, but am very new to Flex/Flash, so it is possible I'm missing something obvious.

      I feel as though I am kludging at the moment by passing the desired url in form of an application.parameter variable, but maybe this is the way to do it.