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    How do you scroll down on a page or zoom out when viewing an ebook?


      I recently brought a few new manga ebooks from the Google Play store.

      When viewing the epub file in Adobe Digitial Editions, all pages seem to be cut off to the size of your screen.

      There seems to be no scroll bar or zoom option. (There seems to be a zoom option for PDFs, however the feature is not available on epub files.)


      Due to this issue, most of the manga is cut off and unreadable.  When using the mouse scroll wheel, the program will just proceed to the next page, rather than scroll down the page.  Resizing the window does not resize the content.

      Changing some monitor setting on Windows, I rotated the screen 90 degrees.  After that, I was able to view more of the page, however the bottom&right side is still cut off.  Messing around with the text sizes does not seem to change anything.


      Below is a screenshot of what the issue is. First image is in landscape and the other is in portrait mode.  You can clearly see that content is cut off in both situations.  Does anyone know how to scroll on a page or zoom out?  I fear that a feature as simple as this has been omitted from the program, since manga (or ebooks consisting of entirely photos) is kind of a niche market when it comes to ebooks.  ANY solutions that anyone is able to provide would be helpful.  Thanks!

      Screenshot (21).png

      Screenshot (22).png