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    Detecting Swipe Sensitivity

    Departure Level 1

      Hi All,



      - I have a Panoramic image.

      - Users swipe left / right to reach both ends of the image

      - I want the image to slide relative to the "intensity of the user's swipe/touch"


      Can I get any parameter from user's swipe? like swipeDistance or SwipeXposition before and after?

      anything that helps me to know how far the user wants to slide the image.


      Possible Execution:

      If so, then I can use the parameter to calculate my own distance ratios like below (?)


      $(window).bind("swipeleft", function(){

          distance =  calculateRange(SwipeIntensity)

          sym.$("image").animate({"left" : "-=distance"}, 1000, "easeInCubic")




      Thanks in Advance