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    Looking for color feedback on new site related to web storefronts


      I'm new to the forums, and getting back into design. I have a new website that will provide reviews of different ecommerce/web storefront solutions and tutorials on setting them up. In addition to technical hurdles to make it easier to use Kuler, I'm looking for feedback on the color palette I'm considering.


      I'm not sure if this forum is purely for technical trouble/help, or if it's intended to provide design help/feedback as well. The site is barely up and running, no content as of yet other than a few sentences and image so it's not blank and doesn't have the stock page. Considering the nature of the site, I'm thinking of using the following color palette since it's about web storefronts/e-commerce. Green seems to be the primary color since we're talking about money/commerce.


      Any feedback on this color choice: Adobe Kuler ?


      Thanks, and if there is a more relevant forum to post for design choices/feedback please let me know.