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    Current time indicator.


      Hello, so as the title says I have a problem with Current time indicator.

      (It's marked on screenshot).
      So, when I run RAM it's not going smothly, and I that's why I can't synchronise perfectly sound with text (I'm trying to do some kinetic typography).
      This is weird beacuse previously, when I was using Sony Vegas, this "Current Time Indicator" was always going on every frame of my video.
      I don't have idea what to do, I've searched for this problem on the internet but nobody has same problem.






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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          Nobody can help you without proper system info and other details. That aside the screen update is irrelevant for placing markers during playback - you can still hit the multiply key on the numpad and AE wil ladd the markers at the correct tiem, it will just not draw them immediately the same like the CTI display may be skippy. That's just the way it is with that crooked old program.



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            Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            Are you doing a ram preview or trying to use the space bar? I'll bet you are trying to use the space bar - which is not how you do a ram preview.

            If you are doing Kinetic Typography I would strongly suggest that you apply some markers to your audio layer so you can visually see the words you are trying to match up. You can actually use Premiere Pro to extract the text from your audio track and automatically generate synchronized markers with labels for your audio track that will show up in After Effects.

            Improving Speech Analysis with a Text File | Peachpit TV for Video | Adobe TV Shows you how to do speech analysis and use a text file to keep it accurate. Save the metadata and open the audio file in AE and you get something like this which makes Kinetic Typography a lot easier to do.

            Screen Shot 2014-06-16 at 5.31.42 AM.png

            If you want to manually place markers on the timeline you can hit the period key on your numeric keypad and then hit the * key to add markers as you listen to the audio. Personally, I think using speech analysis is the way to go. It only takes a few moments and the accuracy is dead on.

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              FILIP22 Level 1

              Oh, yes, here:

              - Windows 8.1

              - Intel Core I5

              - 8 GB RAM DDR3

              - GeForce 740m

              - Adobe After 12

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                FILIP22 Level 1

                I'm pressing 0 on numpad which is a shortcut to RAM Preview and still I have the same problem.

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                  Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                  Resolution of your comp window? I set mine to auto and do most of my key framing with a zoom factor of 50%.


                  System resources available? Comp settings and type of source footage? Available ram for AE? Available drive space? OS? Version of AE? Effects applied to your layers? All of these influence playback. 8GB of ram is barely enough to preview effectively at half rez.


                  My workflow for all graphic animation is to design and animate the motion first with no effects. Once the motion is correct then I start adding things like gradients, background layers, other effects and motion blur. I only preview a frame or two with all effects at full rez and then I send the project to AME to render. If you are adding motion blur, effects, and trying to preview full rez with 8GB of ram you are not going to have much luck.

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                    Dave LaRonde Level 6

                    As you may have deduced from all the questions, AE works differently than Vegas.  And it's true: you can't expect AE to work the same way as Vegas does because AE does totally different things, it was DESIGNED to do totally different things, and it just won't work the same way an editing application does.


                    You get used to it.

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                      FILIP22 Level 1

                      Eh, It's not about a lot of effects on my project, current time indicator is skippy every single time.
                      I gave all of avalible RAM and 200 GB free space on hard disk and this I still have same problem.


                      @Dave LaRonde

                      I see that After Efects don't act like Vegas, just said that I've never had this problem.preview, it's about timeline, bu


                      EDIT: I think it's not a problem with preview, but with timeline.

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                        Dave LaRonde Level 6

                        Depending on the H & V dimensions of your comp and the frame rate, you may not be able to get a realtime RAM Preview.  But there are tricks to getting one: reduce the resolution in the comp window to half, and set the comp viewer sixe to 50%.  You can preview everty other frame, shift-0.  You can use the Region of interest button at the bottom of the comp window to limite the size of the area you preview.  Those are some common ones.

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                          FILIP22 Level 1

                          Ok guys, I'll try to explain it once again, but now on video.


                          Eh, my problem :C - YouTube



                          First record is from Sony Vegas, that Time Indicator is going smoothly, on second it's (yeah, you know) After and it's skippy EVEN IF i prewiev only a text without effects.


                          It's about settings, not about my comp.
                          Can you help me?

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                            Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                            You are barking up the wrong tree. As was said before the CTI in AE does not perform the same way it does in Vegas period. It is not a matter of settings. Did you try my suggestion of setting markers with Speech analysis. I do this all the time and can knock out a dynamic text animation without problems at the rate of about 2 minutes of animation per hour for even the most complex projects. It's way faster than trying to preview every cut or effect.

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                              Dave LaRonde Level 6

                              Sure: keep those fingers off the space bar!   You'll almost never get a smooth preview doing it that way.  You need to do a RAM Preview by hitting zero on the numeric keypad... and even then, AE may not be able to play back in real time.


                              And here's probably the most important piece of advice we can give... go here:

                              Getting started with After Effects (CS4, CS5, CS5.5,  CS6, & CC)


                              I've got one whole American Dollar that says you're thinking to yourself, "Hey, it's After Effects.  How tough can it be to learn it?  I'll just fart around with it intuitively"


                              It can be plenty tough if you blow off the basics, which it certainly looks like you're trying to do.

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                                FILIP22 Level 1

                                Rick Gerard: Uhh, I'm not comparing programs, I want to show you what's the problem because I think you don't get the point.
                                So one more time, it's not about the prewiev which is good, it's about that red line:


                                I've check several tutorials and noone has same problem :/
                                And I won't check your tip about Speech analysis because I have very basic problem and it's not about just kinetic typography.

                                Dave LaRonde: I always do RAM prewiev (pressing 0 on numpad) and that still occurs.
                                Thanks for the tip about tutorials, I'm doing it right now. But I can't work on program acting like this.
                                Guess I'll need to get back to Vegas, and that's sad because I see that animating is much easier and intuitive on After.