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    Do text frames have an (internal) "number / creation date"?



      I suspect, that (automatic list + paragraph) numbering depends on when a text frame was created.


      I have made a paragraph text style with paragraph numbering and list numbering. Works fine, so far: I can even create multiple text frames (the three green ones in the below picture) that are not connected with / chained to each other and the numbering still is correct.


      But when I create a new text frame (with the color pink in the picture) later on, which shall be inserted as e.g. second in order, the numbering still orientates at the frame creation. Correct would be: the pink paragraph "5. new frame" should be numbered as "3.new frame", the green paragraph "3. drei" should then be numbered as "4. drei" and so forth.



      How can I change the frame creation number? Can it be changed at all?


      Bildschirmfoto 2014-06-16 um 10.53.30.jpg