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    Rendering Black

    lornaimw Level 1

      Hi all


      Got an AE CC comp with lots of footage and illustrator elements. All works perfectly but on Friday as I was about to render I discovered a patch was just totally black. Super odd! It only lasts a certain amount of time (approx 10s) and won't refresh or sort itself out. I have no idea what this is, never come across it before.


      I've toggled caps lock on and off, purged the image and disk cache/ memory, opened and closed project and restarted computer since this happened. It's this 'area' that has the issue as everything else is working fine, but if i drag a layer into that time space the space is black still.sou


      I can see wireframes and I can still hear sound from the footage. I just can't 'see' anything except my comp background. There is no layer on top hiding anything for this area or any mattes etc. This RAM previews as blank in AE but the linked file exported out of premiere comes out fine.


      What on earth is this? I've been requested to add graphics over this area (wasn't that bound to happen) and right now the only way to be accurate is to make another comp, animate separatley and then add in over premiere, using the motion from premiere as a guide.


      Any ideas?


      I hope this makes sense. Thanks for reading guys.

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          Screenshots, comp settings, effect info other stuff.



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            Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            My first guess.


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              lornaimw Level 1

              I've got a massive and messy comp, with lots going on, let me know what else you need to see. It's hard to show everything :/ And I know my work flow/layout may be flawed but on this project for me it works fine... Unless its caused this issue.


              I've used motion blur, and luma keying. Some keyframes use ease and wizz.


              Thanks Mylenium


              Comp problem.PNGPic 1 - Comp settings

              Comp problem2.PNGComp problem2b.PNGPic 2 and 3 - Before it goes blank, then after.

              Comp problem3.PNGComp problem4.PNGPic 4 and 5 - As the blank is about to finish, and then my comp images come back

              Comp problem5.PNGComp problem6.PNGPic 6 and 7, my entire messy comp, left is top, right is bottom.

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                Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                What happens if you solo the layer? It's hard to tell which layer is which without some notes on the screenshots.

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                  lornaimw Level 1

                  Hi Rick


                  Apologies, it's a hugely messy comp and I'm not sure what to show/ tell you guys.


                  When I solo the layers I can see them (I've never particularly used the solo switch though)


                  The key problem layers are the ones that are selected on pics 2,3 - Julia MS and then 4,5 - Julia CU.


                  Thanks to you both for helping with this. I'm super confused :/

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                    Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                    If the layers you are concerned with are popping into view when you solo them then you are probably running out of system resources. Flush your cache, set the comp resolution to AUTO and run your motion test previews at a zoom factor of 50%. This will quadruple the amount of available ram for previews because AE will be processing 1/4 of the original pixels for previews. I never lock comp resolution to full, even on my fully loaded brand new machines. Auto will handle all previews at all zoom factors efficiently.

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                      lornaimw Level 1



                      I had already purged everything when I realised it might be that, I will try setting comp resolution to lower settings.


                      I have purged Image and disk cache, as well as cleaning the database and cache. Set zoom to 50 percent and resolution to auto, this set it to full in brackets but now is set to half in brackets. I'm still seeing nothing over the problem section. Not sure what's going on at all.


                      Thanks for the replies

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                        Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                        I would start soloing all of the layers that should be visible at the problem section. Another approach would be to start turning off layers that are not supposed to be visible in the problem section. Another option would be to pre-compose the layers and only the layers in the problem section and run a test preview of just the problem section. This will eliminate the possibility that you have another layer somewhere that is causing the problem and help you find it if you do.


                        If those tricks don't work then take a look at all of the layers in the problem section and start turning off effects one at a time until you find the culprit.