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    Old problem with HD footage, Considering upgrade

    Eliran S

      Hi all,


      I've been here with this question since day one with my rig (2.5 years+).

      I'm not able to edit HD footage properly, the editing process is super slow, I can't seem to preview the footage because it just lags.

      The footage is from numerous cameras each movie, DSLR, GoPro, MTS, etc.

      I work 90% of the time with only one stream of video.

      My current setup is as follows:

      i7 2600k 3.4 (no OC), p8z68 v pro MOBO, 16gb ram (4x4GB G.Skill RipJaw X Edition Dual Channel CL7-8-7-24)

      GTX 560 Ti

      500gb black caviar sata 3 for os

      2*1tb black caviar sata 3 raid for Project & Media

      2*1tb black caviar sata 3 raid for Scartch,Renders,Etc.

      2tb green caviar for backups.

      *using the onboard raid controller.

      My workflow is really tedious, I'm working with proxy files to overcome the slow editing problem;

      1. Getting the hd clips from the client

      2. encoding the files to low res avi/mpeg

      3. editing

      4. link media to HD footage (Manually - aprox 30-40 mins)

      5. check for any errors

      6. review the film - very slow because of the HD

      7. export

      So.. any movie, takes forever.


      A lot of people tried to help with my current hardware, but I couldn't find one single solution to the problem.

      So, I want your advice, should I upgrade my rig? because if I know for a fact, that upgrading it in a small budget will get the things smooth, It will be worth while in the short term.

      If you recommend upgrading, what should I go for? what can I keep ?


      Thanks and Regards,


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          Bill Gehrke Most Valuable Participant

          Biran, welcome to the forums


          Because of your GoPro and DSLR media without any overclocking you really need much more CPU power.  At least a hex-core.  But the first thing you have to do is read Harm's encyclopedia on building an editing computer for Premiere Pro on our web site, especially his Tweakers Pages.  Look especially at this graphic to see why you need that CPU upgrade.



          Notice that GoPro and DSLR QT are both extremely CPU intensive.  Initially you could just start out with a new motherboard, CPU and CPU cooler; and possibly reuse your RAM, GPU and disk drives.  We would have know more about your case and power supply.  The next (later) upgrade would be in the disk drive area.

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            Eliran S Level 1

            Hi Bill,


            First thanks for replying.

            Second, as I wrote, there are a few threads in here regarding my rig, but thanks for the welcome nonetheless

            I'll re read Harm's pages, back then, people in here told me I should be able to edit without any problem, so it was my last try.

            I think I'll take a look at the last few pages of threads to read about the suggested rigs and open a new one if needed.