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    Set-up website, hand-over output to developer


      Hello all,


      I would like to know your opinion regarding handing over the output of Adobe Edge Animate/Reflow to a developer.

      Personally I like the fact that Adobe Edge is fast and intuitive for me. However I am aware that the output isn't that great

      if I look at it from a developer's point of view.


      Is it usable output for a developer? Or can my work only be used as a reference guide in terms of interactions/animation and placement of e.g. UI's.


      Kind regards,


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          hemanthR Adobe Employee

          Animate produces output is javascript and html which is developers can quite easily integrate into their workflow.

          If you/developers have some specific difficulties ,please let us know .

          Will help us improve

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            JelleWhyellow Level 1

            The thing that would contribute greatly to the workflow (even considered the fact that Edge is developed for prototyping purposes firstly)
            is moving back and forth between the various edge softwares. I, the designer, can only provide a first prototype which can then be developed further by the developer.

            What if I want to redesign some elements of my original work? From what I understand I will have to either make a completely new template and have the developer adjust his code (significantly) afterwards; or adjust my code with editing software, taking me to relatively unfamiliar grounds.


            So my question:
            What is a prototyping kit that can only be used once by the graphic designer? Why not import the cleaned-up code (done by our developer) and refine the design when I need to iterate?
            Maybe I do not see the enormous challenges it would take, but it certainly would help a lot.
            In my opinion you would just need to implement some sort of highlighting option for things that are added to the code when outputted again.