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    CFGRID passing wrong update IDs

    planomax Level 1

      I have a CFGRID in a small app that is passing wrong update information.  This is causing the updates to happen in the wrong rows in the data table. 


      Anyone have any ideas what could cause this?



      Grid has 300+ rows

      Select item with ID 103 and edit a value withing the data (happens to be decimal(8,2) in SQLServer

      Select and edit ID 104

      On submit of changes, the data getting updated in the table is row 104 and row 108 !!!

      The ID row is set as primary key

      I have used cfgrid in other scenarios without issue.

      Version is CF10

      Same happens whether I use CFGRIDUPDATE or use the passed form fields and update via SQL.


      Any thoughts?  Ideas?  This is very frustrating.


      Thanks in advance.