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    The botton send, not work well


      Cordial greetings.

      I have a PDF form with multiple choice response, which I've used for a year. The button "response sending" to my email,

      It worked very well.

      In the last 6 months, does not work and I lost valuable information.

      I want to know if my form may work well in FormsCentral.

      -. It can be printed without any change in the design?

      I need to print the form to make a paper record, but furthermore,

      get the response in the system and not have to type everything again.

      -. The multiple response buttons, remain unchanged?

      -. Is there any limit on the number of questions on the form?


      Sorry for the questions but I need to be sure it will serve me well,

      before making payment by credit card.

      Additionally, I live in Colombia (South America). In FormsCentral page says that my country does not have the service.


      I appreciate the help and collaboration.

      Norberto The specified item was not found.