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    Can't find AE CC Folder?


      I'll try to explain the whole situation to better explain the situation.


      I got a colorpack from FilmRiot in which you put the presets in a folder for After Effects.

      When I originally got this, I had After Effects CS6, I was able to find the support files/presets folder and put it in there and it works.


      Then I realized that I should be using AE CC so I can do dynamic link. However, whenever I downloaded it, there aren't any folders that show up for the installed program?


      I want to get these presets in the folders for AE CC so I can add those effects when I dynamic link.


      Any help??



      P.S: The weirder part of this is, I can't find the folder that has the presets for AE CS6, whenever I search in the windows box they don't show up. But they still work on the CS6 program.