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    Expression for making keyframes based on the motions of a layer (Pixel Change Detection)


      Hi, I am curious if there is a way to make automated keyframes by detecting another layer's pixel change.


      A Layer : pre-rendered animations from Animator

      B Layer : texture layer overlay-ed on top of A Layer


      What I am trying to do is that whenever Animated Character (A Layer) is moving,

      I want to play the texture animations forward, but if Animated Character is in no motion, I want to frame hold the Texture animation (B Layer).


      for example, whenever A layer moves, B layer plays forward.

      however, if A layer has no motion, B layer pauses on that current frame.


      I know it is easy to do this if the Character Animation is done in After Effects and has all the keyframes inside the comp.

      However, the case that I have is that all the Character Animations are done in flash, and exported as Sequences.


      Therefore, I am guessing...the only way to make it work is... to detect the pixel change in A Layer,

      and use that data to keyframe B Layer...?


      Please help me if you have any solutions !