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    combo box Behavior

      Hi every body
      I have a problem with combo box behavior
      Let me explain
      I have a data grid which read data from a data set which is bind to an XMl connector
      The data grid contain this fields (Employee ID, Employee name, Employee Department)
      When I select a record from this data grid and press the update button
      I need to bind all the fields of the selected row to the controls of the update form
      All the data of the selected row are displayed correctly except the Employee department
      I use a combo box for the employee department
      The selected Item of the compo box doesn’t change to reflect the department of the selected employee
      I use this code but it doesn’t work
      update_form.updateEmpDept_cb.selectedData = emp_ds.Department;

      I trace the selected item of this combo box after this line of code
      It traces the department of the selected row of the data grid which read the data from the data set (emp_ds)
      But the value selected of the combo box doesn’t change and still select the default value of the combo box
      Please help