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      I know I am doing something wrong.. I am creating a project with RoboHelp and need to allow the manager to see the progress of the project.
      I attempted to generate the WebHelp, then went into the WebHelp sub folder, located the main .html file... And emailed that file over to them.
      I know when I open it on my system it works although theirs it does not. I know it works on mine because it is locate and can locate the files related to the project, although how can I share the project with out publishing it yet with those in other locations and who do not have RoboHelp.

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          RoboColum(n) Level 5
          Hi cliff310 and welcome to the RH community. If your manager does not have a RH licence then it is going to be difficult. The problem is that with webhelp the source project files are totally different from the published files. The published files include lots ot generated files for additional data (e.g. index, TOC, search terms, etc.). They are a collection of files all of which are required for the end user to get the help. Why not just publish and then zip the files before sending them to your manager.
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            RoboWizard Level 4
            Hi cliff310 and welcome to our community

            Tough call with WebHelp. After all, the others need access to ALL the files in the output folder.

            One thing you could do is to create Microsoft HTML Help output. This will result in a compiled .CHM file. You could then ship the .CHM as an attachment or stick it on a network drive for them to copy to their hard drive and review.

            Or, you could just publish WebHelp to a network drive and give them a link pointing to the start page. In my opinion, that would be the best approach and is how I would do it if I were in your shoes.

            Cheers... Rick
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              RoboWizard Level 4
              Sorry Colum, didn't see you standing there!
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                RoboColum(n) Level 5
                No problem Rick. You gave the added value of an alternative solution.
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                  cliff310 Level 1
                  Thank you for the info, it worked.

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                    Linux Rules Level 2
                    Hello cliff310 -

                    I provide our Help project to our customer and any company person who wishes on a regular basis. After a couple days of work I generate the entire project on my local drive the zip up the entire generated folder (the one that would get published), then in put the zipped file on our corporate document server for anyone to copy. I also include a readme file on the server with the simple instructions on how to use the Help.

                    For example, the generated output goes to the project folder, !SSL! sub-folder, help sub-folder (the name of the generated project) with a launch file named index. Anyone can download the zip, unzipp to the desktop and launch index.htm - there it is!