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    Creative Cloud Muse Sites Not Working HELP!!!!!

    pavese808 Level 1

      I have a lot of sites in Adobe Business Catalyst and with in the last 45 min, any sites that are not uploaded through an FTP no longer work. When you google the web addresses google just says "Oops! Google Chrome could not connect to ____________". I need these sites to be up and working ASAP please help!!!! If I can even get the site to load, it just crams everything in the top lefthand corner. The sites look like trash at the moment so I had to put up blocker pages to keep people from being able to get into the site for right now. If anyone knows whats going on please help ASAP! Also if I try and log into business catalyst to figure out whats going on I get the same "Oops!" message from google. The sites are not working in any other browsers ether.