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    Opening .NEF files in PS3 on Windows XP


      I cannot open my .NEF images in my PS3 that I took on my Nikon D7000.  I am trying to convert them to .jpeg and I have tried to open them in Bridge and I have also tried to convert them to .jpeg through tutorials I have found telling me to use the image processor tool in Photoshop.  I cannot even see/view the images in Bridge and when I go to convert them to .jpeg, it tells me it cannot be done.  I am new with shooting in raw and I have always shot in .jpeg, so this is all so new to me.  I am not sure if all of my programs are way too outdated to be able to do this, including my operating system (Windows XP).  Shouldn't it be possible for me to open these images and convert them to jpegs?  Is there an update I need to download, or something, to make this work?  PLEASE HELP!