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    AE crashes after I paste the mask path to an object's position


      Hello people! So I have a video, created a mask, tracked the mask with the tracker, all done succesfuly, I can see the mask follow the object.

      I want to replace the object with a picture, so I set the mask to substract and put the picture behind.

      All is good but the picture doesnt follow the mask. So I try to copy and paste the Mask Path on the picture's position, and... Crash!

      AE stops responding. It uses 17% of CPU, only one core as I observe in task manager.

      I let it complete for over an hour but nothing. Its unresponsive and i get the promt to crash it.

      I tried on my Windows 7 PC and on a friend's mac, same exact thing. Is it supposed to be so "hard" for the programm? Its only 7 seconds of video.

      Same happens if I try to use adjustments layers. Every time I paste the mask path the programm crashes, or takes forever to complete.

      I obviously do something wrong since the same thing happens on 2 different computers and OSes, but I cant find online another way for achieving what I want to do.

      Thanks in advance!