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    Data Merge with 1X Image to  XX records


      Hi there,



      I'm trying to refine an earlier catalog edition that I created using Indesign CS6, the entire process manually took 2 months to complete a 205 page catalog (contained a 5 to 10% error margin).

      I created a Book and slotted each individual ID files as chapters along with appropriate page numbers and did not even consider using Data Merge at the time.

      Resultantly, the catalog contains pictures with tabled boxes on some products (pictured below, running 16 products per page); whereas with others with numerous products and one image (as shown, second image).




      I have since used Data Merge by obtaining the Easy Catalog template and have modified it further by adding some flexibility in pricing as well as other text within the CSV file. The result is the following:


      The data obtained to create the data merge is as follows:



      Creating a data merge with the the above is easy, however as I am also creating a chapter to include (second image, Abrasives) but within a table format that only requires one image, this part is problematic.

      As soon as I assign the same image to the @image column in the CSV file and apply the code identifier and other relevant information, data merge spits the same image with the text holders numerously based on the records.


      For Example:


      CODE      Description               Pack Qty     @image

      554206     75mm x 80 grit            1               1.jpg

      554208     75mm x 120 grit          1               1.jpg

      554209     75mm x 150 grit          1               1.jpg

      554210     75mm x 180 grit          1               1.jpg

      554212     75mm x 240 grit          1               1.jpg

      With the above, data merge will take this information and spit it out into 5 with 4x running on the first row and the fifth onto the second row based on the grid that I have created.

      Is there a script, conditional text or a way in CSV to only allow  the data to be shown just as it is in the second image?

      So a table with those mentioned, will look similar to below, but with one image as previously shown

      55420675mm x 80 grit1
      55420875mm x 120 grit1
      55420975mm x 150 grit1
      55421075mm x 180 grit1
      55421275mm x 240 grit1

      Just to note also, that each chapter (individual ID files) have their own separate CSV file

      Thanks in advance, -H.