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    C4D lite scene integration via Mocha Pro


      Hello Everyone,


      I took a shot and tracked it in mocha pro to solve for my camera. After the camera was solved i brought the camera data into after effects and applied it to my scene. After the 3d track integration was complete, i verified the track. Instead of the nulls being flat on the surface, they seemed to be miss aligned. which brings me to my next issue. As i made a quick 3D model in C4D and selected "comp camera" from the camera project setting in CINEWARE. (I believe this was the right option to select, i assumed by doing this that it would be taking my mocha camera?) the grid and 3D object was totally off alignment. After i ran into that issue i thought that i would take the position data from one of the null objects and just copy the position data into the C4D file, but that promoted me with an error; "Maxon cinema 4d: Layer size must match composition and use default transform values

      my goal is to have the C4D file lined up with the ground in the shot.

      after effects.jpgmocha pro.jpg


      Any suggestions is greatly appreciate!