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      hi all,

      i have created chart using flex charting. i am using httpservice to
      get data remotely.

      now i want to put the compiled swf file of that chart on asp.net page.

      i succeeded in putting file on page
      but if i am using externalinterface in flex app. and put swf file on
      asp.net page then it gives me an error. it works fine if i put that
      swf file outside form tag of webpage but gives error if put inside
      form tag.

      i am using externalinterface class as i need some interaction with
      javascrip on page and so i cant avoid externalinterface.

      asp.net webpage on which i want to put the swf file is content
      page(under one masterpage) so i cant avoid form tag.

      i also tried FABridge but again it also use externalinterface so not
      usefull to me.

      is there any other way which doesnot use externalinterface or any
      other guidline to solve this problem?

      thanks in advance.