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      Hello, have a nice day



      I am doing a portfolio site with Edge. Mine. I am moving from CMS (Concrete5) into Edge for testing.

      I have all kind of stuff: video, web, print.


      In view of my different  media, I believe the best way to create my "slides" is in HTML… so with EDGE.

      But il will finish with a portfolio folder with dozens of … slide1.html, slide2.html …. and their .edge.js + . edgeActions.js + .edgePreload.js

      That will make a lot of elements.Big mess.  I miss good old swf….

      Is there a way for some of my htmls to share some of those .edgewhatsoever ?

      or could I load  oam files into an Edge project (on a click action into a symbol) ?



      Thanks a lot