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    AMS on AWS:AMI missing some files and folder under /mnt folder


      Hi,I have got a fresh installation of AMS 5.0.4 on AWS . By default, the applications folder is supposed to be on /mnt/applications folder. Also the root directory of the apache web server is supposed to be on /mnt/webroot folder. This is how the configuration is supposed to be.

      My question is I have got a new AMS server built on AWS but these folders are missing. Aren't the folders /mnt/applications and /mnt/webrrot supposed to be present by default.

      Do we need to create these folders manually .If yes then from where should I copy the files needed in the /mnt/webroot/ folder .Right now I couldn't access the server by hitting the url "http://ip-of-server".

      The logs of apache are giving me this error-: Directory index forbidden by Options directive: /mnt/webroot/


      Can anyone help me out with this?