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    W3D export error

      When I export my screen which includes some buildings, from 3ds max 7 to director mx 2004 textures are corrupted.

      Do somebody knows anything.

      Will I apply textures in director again...

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          Level 7
          When you are in the exporter screen in MAX, there is a button called
          Author Check. If you push that, it will tell you what is going wrong in
          the conversion process. The most common problems are that all textures
          should be Blinn. Others will not work. Nothing procedural (like noise)
          is allowed. And make sure that all the materials have unique names.
          Also make sure that all maps have unique names. If you have 2 materials
          that use different bitmap maps, but both maps are named "Map #33", then
          only one of them will be exported and both objects will appear to use
          the same shader in Director.

          There are other issues with UV mapping. Do not change the tiling of the
          textures in the Material Editor. That will not be exported. You need
          to keep the default tiling there and add a UVW Map modifier to the
          model. Then change the tiling there.

          There are a few other caviats... they are mostly listed in the
          documentation for the exporter.
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            duckets Level 1
            What kind of corruption are you seeing? Could you provide a screenshot?

            One bug is that very large textures can appear corrupted in the 3ds max preview window, although they actually export correctly.

            - Ben
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              acelep Level 1
              firstly thanks for your reply. My seen is too big. Some objects are the same name. My computer can not open that file. So, I will try this tomorrow.

              Here is two screenshots. one is from max, other one is director.

              in max file, there was a building. There was a grass texture on the ground but after exporting, there looks tree texture instead grass.

              some buildings does not seem after exporting.

              sorry for my bad english.
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                Level 7
                The thing with the incorrect textures is almost definitely due to the
                maps or the textures having the same names. The exporter will only save
                one thing named (for example) "Map #33". If both the grass texture and
                the tree texture has a generic name like that, then whichever one the
                exporter chooses to keep will be applied to both. Go into the Material
                Editor in MAX and make sure that the texture names are unique. Also
                make sure that any map names are unique.
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                  acelep Level 1
                  I combine the parts of scene again. when it asked to the same texture I chose autorename. The problem is solved by this way.

                  Thanks everybody....