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    Unable to load the 'C:\InetPub\robohelp\' project.  The project is invalid.

      We're having troubles opening/viewing our 'prepsmart' project on our production server. (It works fine in our test environment).

      I have tried re-installing RoboEngine 4.0, and successfully re-generated and re-published the project to the server. However, when I try to access the project using a url like: http://<servername>:<port>/RoboAPI.asp?project=prepsmart&context=700, it displays the message: "Contragulations The RoboEngine has been successfully created. To get started using RoboEngine, you need to publish a project. Please see the getting started guide or deployment manual that corresponds to your authoring tool for more information. "
      I see the same screen if I click on "View Project" within the RogoEngine Configuration Manager.
      When I click the Troubleshoot icon in the Configuration manager, it lists the following errors:
      Unable to load the 'C:\InetPub\robohelp\' project. The project is invalid.
      Project prepsmart cannot be found.
      Unable to locate the ' ' window.
      Cannot find the list of projects.

      If I specify a specific page (i.e. http://denpiis01:8000/Robo/BIN/Robo.dll?tpc=/robo/projects/prepsmart/Getting_Started.htm), it displays the help page. So, I think the web site is configured and working OK.

      Any ideas why I can successfully publish the project, but RoboEngine can't find the project?