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    Error 8800


      I'm getting error 8800 while trying to run a script "The parameters for command make are not currently valid"  Line 98

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          JJMack Most Valuable Participant

          What  is the code in line 98  ?

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            hoymejt Level 1

            The parameters for command "Make" are not currently valid.

            executeAction(cTID('Mk '), desc1, dialogMode);

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              JJMack Most Valuable Participant

              Some current document condition needed for the action manager scriptlistener code does not exist therefore the command is not valid for the current state the document is in.

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                boo radley 2013 Level 3

                I get a similar error sometimes. This is what happens to me and why:


                I create a bunch of new tool presets, and save the entire presets (.tpl file) as "ToolPresets02".


                Next, I select a tool preset from that new file/list via the tool preseys panel, and then open up ScriptListener, which scripted the selecting of that preset. I save the ScriptListener file as a .jsx. 


                Next, for example - let's say my Photoshop crashes or has been closed irregularly (through the task manager for example).


                Next, I reload Photoshop.


                When it is reloaded, because of the irregular closing a few seconds ago, Photoshop re-loads the preferences and within those preferences it loads the previous ToolPresets file (which would be "ToolPresets01") instead of loading the newest one ("ToolPresets02") - this is because when Photoshop was improperly closed, it didn't get a chance to save all the preferences.  As a result, the older .tpl file obviously doesn't include the latest tool presets that I saved.


                So, when I run the script (the .jsx file) to select my newest tool presets, it can't find them, because the older .tpl file is still in use. This is where it gives me the similar error (not sure of the exact number but it's in the 8000's from what I recall). I then need to replace the current .tpl file wIth the newer one in order to successfully select my new presets via the .jsx script.


                You might be getting an error like that due to an improper Photoshop closing.. worth checking out

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                  This was good advice. When this error happened, restarting photoshop after re-saving the .jsx resolved the issue for me.

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                    xbytor2 Level 4

                    An 8800 error code is the generic "Something bad happened" error code though the error message may differ from case to case.

                    JJMack got it right in that PS or the document itself is in a state where the command being executed won't work. Or the command

                    itself is improperly constructed. These can be a pain to work out.