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    Illustrator to photoshop resolution issue

    garethirwin1234 Level 1

      I have asked this before but this new forum software apparently does not allow me to look up my old posts. Nice one.





      I have a serious issue with CC, I am astounded no one else has it and I really need a solution.


      I used to be able to copy a vector graphic in illustrator, goto photoshop, create new from clipboard and an option would come up to choose a specific resolution. It defaults to 72. and you used to have to set it to something else, create the document and it wouldn't work. But creating new from clipboard again would then proceed to work on the next attempt. It was as annoying as ******** but I got used to the flow.


      Now however it does not work full stop. A new from clipboard option offers 72, change it to say 300, it opens says it is so, but the picture is at 100% and tiny, so for instance a vector at 500pix wide will not open any large than that in photoshop even though the res has be quadrupled.


      This is really causing me major hassles.


      How do other people deal with this?


      Also whats the next best forum to ask general questions, adobe's gets worse and worse. (people here are great but the attempt at integrating everything with everything else is a real bore)