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    Locating roll over text field.

    Meervaldo! Level 1

      I created an interactive pdf in InDesign with a video clip embedded. Rolling over the still image I get a text field pop up with name of image. I need to edit that name/text, where do I go in InDesign? The text field is only visible in the pdf when I roll over the image. I have searched through the Buttons, Animation & Media windows in InDesign but can't locate the field in question. I created it 2 years ago, hence the blank mind!





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          Meervaldo! Level 1

          16 views and no replies, maybe it needs further clarification. This image shows a detail from a page. If I move the cursor inside the blue frame the text field 'Click to activate' appears. I need to edit this text but can't find where to do this in InDesign. Blue frame contains a link to a video clip and features a still image from the video. Its not a button, otherwise I would be looking at button states and rollovers.

          Thanks, do help!

          PDF detail.jpg

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            Steve Werner Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            The answer is that it is nothing InDesign (or you) did. You're looking at the default player of an Adobe Reader or Acrobat when it encounters a video.


            If it were an image, you could add a Tool Tip, by choosing from the Media panel menu > PDF Options > Description.


            However, for whatever reason, you apparently can't override that particular message in any way I can figure out. You can view  the video properties in Acrobat by right-clicking on the video and choosing Properties. But I don't see a property to edit the message.

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              Meervaldo! Level 1

              Many thanks Steve,


              I spent a long time looking at this issue and thought I had just missed a trick by forgetting something. But it appears I didn't, and I also won't be able to translate it to the irish language either!

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                Meervaldo! Level 1

                I confirmed what you suggested by placing another video file on the same page and exporting to PDF. Same thing occurred, same activation text appeared. I did find a much older copy of the file which used the mpeg format for the video, it did not display the text. So I am putting it down to a software update since first created.

                Many thanks again.