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    LoadMovieNum question


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      We need to load some external SWF into a MovieClip, the size of this movieClip is generally smaller than the external SWF, so the external SWF should be resized to fit into the host movieClip.

      Another BIG issue is that we need to set the level for it to run on, like we can do with LoavMovieNum, otherwise the _root reference inside the loaded movies will not work.

      We have been using:

      loadMovieNum("externalFlash.swf", 1);

      But it is being loaded into the whole area, and we want load the SWF into a specific movieClip.

      does anyone know if that is possible?

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          Armen Abrahamyan Level 1
          use target_mc.loadMovie("external.swf") that will load ur external movieclip inside target_mc.
          Not that once u write that action target_mc becomes empty , it will be replaces with the external.swf
          as for the loaded area, in both cases there is no restriction, so u will see again the "whole" area of external movieclip, u want to cut some of, u have to use mask the target_mc.